Éléments importants pour un profil de lien fort

Augmentez votre visibilité en ligne avec le groupe de discussion Publicity Marketplace of Digital et publiez facilement votre article sur plus de 50 000 sites Web. Grâce à ce marché publicitaire, vous avez le choix d’utiliser ces sites Web pour publier des articles ou de les acheter à des fins telles que la création de liens, le marketing de contenu ou l’utilisation de blogs de référencement de haute qualité uniquement à des fins de classement.

On the Publicity Platform we offer the possibility to filter on a number of factors that are important for building a good and qualitative link profile through content marketing. Building a strong link profile consists of a number of elements that search engines select on and assess the quality of the external links. The most important elements for a strong link profile are explained step by step below.


Domain authority

The domain authority of your website indicates how well your website ranks in a search engine compared to your competitors. It shows how important and reliable your website is found on the basis of values from one to one hundred. There is also a score that does not reflect the domain authority of the entire website, but of just one page of it. This is called the Page authority score. With this score you can compare which pages of your website have a lot of authority and which can still be improved. Finally, there is such a domain authority score specifically for the Google search engine. This Google authority score exists to predict how well your website performs within Google. Would you like to know how important and reliable your website is found? Or do you want to improve the pages of your website? Then let Digital Newsgroup check your domain authority!



Keywords are search words that people place in the search engine to find what they are looking for. A keyword can be anything, and it can also be a combination of different words. Determining the right keywords is important for marketing your website or product. After all, you want to be easily found in search engines such as Google. To achieve this, you can use Google keywords to ensure that you are easily found and by the right audience. It is not always easy to find the right keywords. Some good keywords are in fact not the most obvious ones! Fortunately, Digital Newsgroup can help you find the right keywords in Google.

In conversations about marketing, you probably often hear people talking about ‘buying backlinks’. But what exactly is a backlink? A backlink is a link on another website that points to your website. The website that places this link and thus sends its visitors to your website is called the referring domain. You can buy these backlinks. But what is the value of backlinks for your marketing strategy? Backlinks are important for your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because search engines like Google use them to determine how popular your website is. Also, the number of relevant backlinks has an influence on your domain authority. Buying backlinks is therefore certainly of value for the marketing of your website or product. At Digital Marketing Group you can also buy backlinks for your company. We ensure that your website receives relevant backlinks that refer to your website, which will increase the popularity of your website!

Spam Score

Spam Score is another rating system developed to determine the quality of your backlinks. The more ‘spam backlinks’ your website has, the higher your Spam Score will be. A spam backlink is a backlink that comes from a website (referring domain) that has a high Spam rating itself. If there are many of these ‘spam backlinks’ pointing to your website, this will also result in a higher Spam Score for your website. A Spam Score is a reasonably good indicator of whether a website is trustworthy in general. A high Spam Score can be detrimental for your backlink score and your organic visibility. As a website, you want to keep your Spam Score as low as possible. At Digital Newsgroup, we can help you to calculate, analyze and improve your Spam Score (if necessary).

Organic search results

As a company or organization, you want your website to be found well in organic search results. What are organic search results? These are the search results that are not paid for. When you search on Google, for example, you often get three ‘adv.’ websites (paid advertisements) first and then the ‘real’ search results. These are the organic search results. The position of your website in this list of organic search results is determined by the algorithm of the search engine and the relevance of your website for the keyword. However, you can influence the position of your website in this list. This is what SEO is all about. At Digital Newsgroup, we can do the SEO for your website. We can make sure that your website ends up higher in the organic search results of Google and attracts more customers!